Video Archive - April 2020

  • What do you do when life's a wreck? - Part 2 - Pastor Herb continues to examine the difficult reality that life's difficulties spare no one. By examining the hardships of Paul the apostle, he shows that God never leaves the Christian without comfort and hope.
    (Apr/26/2020)... Play video!
  • What do you do when life's a wreck? - Pastor Rev. Herb Van Essen
    (Apr/19/2020)... Play video!
  • Easter Sunday 2020 - (Apr/12/2020).
    Are you looking for the right Jesus in the right place?... Play video!
  • Good Friday 2020 - (Apr/10/2020).
    Who is to blame? Who is responsible for the death of Jesus?... Play video!
  • Palm Sunday 2020 - (Apr/05/2020).
    Pastor Herb Van Essen examines in detail the significance of what we now call Palm Sunday..... Play video!